UCSF consists of three primary teaching hospitals and clinical sites: UCSF (Parnassus and Mt Zion Medical Centers), San Francisco General Hospital, and The San Francisco Veterans Administration Hospital. The Parnassus ID division was created in 1986 under the direction of Dr. Richard Locksley as Division Chief. In the same year, the fellowship programs between the three sites were combined into one program. Dr. Locksley stepped down from this position in 2003 and Dr. Joanne Engel was appointed Division Chief of ID at Parnassus in 2005. The ID division at the VAMC was led by Dr. Peter Jensen until 2009, at which time Dr. Harry Lampiris was appointed acting chief. Dr. Henry (Chip) Chambers has served as ID Chief at SFGH since 1992. He has recently stepped down. Dr. Philip Rosenthal has been appointed acting chief.

Joanne Engel, MD Harry Lampiris, MD Philip Rosenthal, MD
Chief, UCSF Medical Center Dr. Joanne Engel, MD Chief, SF VA Medical Center Dr. Harry Lampiris, MD Interim Chief, SF General Hospital Dr. Philip Rosenthal, MD