The Division of Infectious Diseases has over 40 faculty located throughout our three UCSF campuses.

ZSFG Division of HIV, ID, and Global Medicine

Bacon, Oliver, MD, MPH

Chambers, Henry, MD

Chamie, Gabriel, MD

Chatterjee, Som, PhD

Christopoulos, Katerina, MD

Coffey, Susan, MD

Deeks, Steven, MD

Diep, Binh, PhD

Dorsey, Grant, MD, PhD

Gandhi, Monica, MD, MPH

Geng, Elvin, MD

Goosby, Eric, MD

Greenhouse, Bryan, MD

Hahn, Judith, MA, PhD

Haller, Barbara, MD, PhD

Havlir, Diane, MD

Huang, Laurence, MD

Hunt, Peter, MD

Jagannathan, Prasanna, MD

Jain, Vivek, MD

Koss, Catherine (Cait), MD

Lee, Sulggi, MD, PhD

Liegler, Teri, PhD

Luetkemeyer, Annie, MD

Lum, Paula, MD, MPH

Marquez, Carina, MD

Palar, Kartika, PhD

Pilcher, Christopher, MD

Riley, Elise, PhD

Rosenthal, Philip, MD

Weiser, Sheri, MD

Winston, Lisa, MD

Department of Public Health

Coffin, Phillip, MD

Cohen, Stephanie, MD

Philip, Susan, MD

Scott, Hyman, MD